Pac-West Termite Control | Santa Barbara, CA and Tri Counties.

How does the Microwave affect metal?

Metal reflects microwaves. In fact, the walls in your microwave oven are made of metal, which reflects and helps to cook food, so any metal in your wall will present no problem.


How do I know all the termites will be killed?

Before we do any work, a State Licensed Inspector will come to your house to perform a complete inspection to identify all areas of infestation. He will instruct the technicians as to the areas which need to be treated. The eradication needs to be thorough because your property will be under protection for one year.


Are there any after effects?

None whatsoever.


What preparation is required?

Just put out the dog and cat and leave for about (4) hours.


Will it start a fire?

No. Termite tissue starts to deteriorate at 160 degrees while the flash point of wood is 440 degrees, leaving a wide range of safety.


Why do I have to leave the house?

You may stay during the inspection. However, our insurance regulations require that you leave during the treatment process.


Will you come out to check our house during the warranty period?

If you have a reason to believe you need us, we will certainly return.


Do you treat the whole house?

Our State Licensed Inspector will do a complete inspection throughout the entire house, identifying all areas of infestation. Those areas will be treated, as well as the adjacent areas so that all termites will be eradicated.


Do you do repairs?

The inspector will indicate areas, which might need repair and you can then choose your own contractor.


How does the microwave work?

The equipment generates microwaves and a special wave-guide directs the waves into areas that the inspector has indicated for treatment.


How much does it cost?

Our cost is comparable to fumigation while providing more efficiency, convenience, and state-of-art technology in the absence of chemicals.