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Orange Oil


Get Rid of Termites With Orange Oil

There has been increasing attention given to naturally based alternatives to termite extermination in recent years, as the standard chemical pesticides have proven not only toxic to people, but harmful to the environment. One of the most promising of natural botanical pesticides is orange oil.

  • No vacating the dwelling during treatment.
  • No need to remove plants or pets from premises.
  • No bagging of food or medicine.
  • No need to walk on the roof (necessary in tenting).

  • What is Orange Oil?

    As the name implies, orange oil is derived from the citrus fruit, or more correctly, from its rind. Orange oil can be cold pressed or distilled from the orange rind and is considered a natural byproduct of the extraction of orange juice. The main component in orange oil is d-limonene, which gives the fruit its distinctive odor and has wide practical applications in medicine, cosmetics, and solvents.

    D-limonene is extracted from the rinds of oranges, and is one of the most common terpenes in nature. Due to d-limonene's low toxicity, it has become the preferred termite control method for many homeowners and industries.

    How It Works

    Orange oil as atermite treatmentis particularly effective due to its impact on termite physiology. The d-limonene in orange oil insecticide compromises the integrity of the termite exoskeleton, effectively dissolving it.

    In the strengths used in orange oil termite treatment, the product has a lethal "window" of approximately eight hours once atermitehas encountered it. During these eight hours the termite exoskeleton is dissolved, causing a massive loss of fluids in the termite body resulting in desiccation and death. This extended period is especially useful in killing concentrated populations of termites within galleries in wood because an affected termite helps to spread the substance through the colony and to other termites it encounters.

    Orange oil termite pesticide also permeates wood via capillary action. This poisons the termite food source; an effective secondary cause of termite death due to orange oil termite treatment.

    In addition to being a direct method of extermination, orange oil treatments can also prevent re-infestation by disrupting pheromone trails within colonies.

    Orange oil is ideal for sensitive accounts

    Orange oil is an all-natural product to control drywood termites. Orange Oil has a pleasing orange scent unlike other chemical insecticide. Orange oil's active ingredient comes directly from orange and other citrus peels making it useful for any sensitive termite treatment.

    Orange Oil is a botanical-based insecticide ideal for spot treatments in both food and nonfood handling areas. An orange oil termite treatment is ideal for sensitive accounts such as schools, nursing homes, food processing plants, hospitals and government buildings and can be an effective low toxicity control method when performed by expert technicians.